Elhann (IGN Afo) is a trainer in the first GiTP Pokemon League.

More a breeder than a Trainer, he is not responsible for any gym in the first season, but he will happily provide you with pretty much any pokemon you may need in your team.

Trainer teamEdit

Meloncete the Ferrothorn

Relaxed nature

Iron barbs

Lord Nibbler the Garchomp

Jolly nature

Rough Skin

Hephaestus the Volcarona (Signature pokemon)

Modest nature

Flame body

Cianuro the Tentacruel

Calm nature

Liquid ooze

Soireé the Absol

ve nature


Artemisa the Gardevoir

Timid na


Pedete the Weezing


Bold nature


Last slot, to be determined.


Elhann has won the following badges

Blaze Badge : Battle Code 65CW-WWWW-WWW7-RSYY

Fey Badge : Battle Code NPKG-WWWW-WWW7-UVWF

Terra Badge : Battle Code ZSAG-WWWW-WWW7-VXQK

Sinister Badge : Battle Code K9RG-WWWW-WWW8-76SU

Carapace Badge: Battle Code BBDW-WWWW-WWW8-HVBN

Persona Badge: Battle Code M5HG-WWWW-WWW8-NN9X

Storm Badge: Battle Code 84ZW-WWWW-WWW8-TNHS

Norse Badge: Battle Code KVTW-WWWW-WWW9-AV8L

Breeding projectsEdit

All the mons come with at least 4 IVs in ideal stats.

For what is worth regarding Masuda method, the game language is English, and the region is Spain.

Species Nature Ability PokeBall Egg moves/Notes
Abra Timid Magic guard Luxury -
Absol Naive All available Premier Play Rough
Aron Adamant Sturdy/Hock head Timer Stealth rock, Head smash, Iron head, Superpower
Axew Adamant Mold breaker Luxury Dragon dance
Beldum Adamant Clear Body Pokeball -
Bellsprout Timid Clorophyll Nest Giga Drain, Weather Ball
Bulbasaur Modest Clorophyll Luxury Giga Drain
Charmander Modest Solar Power Luxury Dragon Pulse
Chespin Adamant Bulletproof Luxury Spikes, Synthesis
Corphish Adamant Adaptabilty Net Ancient power, Aqua jet, Dragon Dance
Cyndaquil Timid Blaze Pokeball Howl, Nature power, Extrasensory
Deino Modest Hustle Luxury -
Dratini Modest/Adamant Marvel Scale Luxury Dragon Pulse, Dragon Dance, Extreme Speed
Ducklett Timid Hydration Dive Roost
Dwebble Adamant/impish Sturdy Net Endure, Spikes
Eevee Timid, Calm, Careful, Bold All available Luxury

Wish, Covet, Charm

HP ICE on some (30def)

Electrike Timid Lightning rod Quick HP ICE (30def)
Elekid Adamant Static Luxury Cross Chop, Elemental Punches
Feebas Modest Oblivious/Swift Swim Pokeball Dragon Pulse
Fennekin Modest Magician Luxury -
Ferroseed Relaxed Iron barbs Dusk

Leech Seed, Stealth rock.

0 speed

Flabebé Modest Flower veil Luxury Yellow flower
Foongus Bold Regenerator Timer -
Froakie Timid Protean Dive -
Furfrou Jolly Fur coat Premier -
Ghastly Timid Levitate Moon Perish song
Gible Jolly Rough Skin Luxury Outrage
Gligar Impish Immunity Dusk Counter, Night Slash
Helioptile Timid All Luxury Glare
Heracross Adamant All available Net Rock Blast
Honedge Brave No guard Luxury 0 speed
Horsea Modest Swift swim Dive
Houndour Timid Flash fire Luxury Destiny bond
Jellicent Calm Cursed body/ Water absorb Pokeball
Karrablast Brave No guard Pokeball Drill run, Knock off, Megahorn, Bug bite
Koffing Bold Levitate Heavy Pain Split
Lapras Modest All available Dive Freeze-dry, ancient power, avalanche
Larvesta Modest Flame Body Ultra Morning sun
Litleo Timid Unnerve Luxury Entrainment
Lotad Timid Rain Dish/Swift Swim Dive Teeter dance, Giga drain
Magby Modest Flame body Repeat -
Magikarp Adamant All available Dive -
Makuhita Adamant All available Timer Bullet Punch
Mareep Modest Static Luxury -
Marill Adamant Huge power Net Superpower, Belly Drum, Aqua jet
Meditite Adamant/Jolly Pure power Heal Fake out, Bullet punch, Psycho Cut
Minccino Jolly Skill Link Premier Knock Off
Misdreavus Timid Levitate Moon Nasty Plot, Ominoud wind, Destiny bond
Murkrow Adamant Prankster Luxury Brave bird
Natu Calm Magic bounce Dusk -
Nidoran (both) Modest/Bold Hustle Luxury -
Noibat Timid Infiltrator Luxury -
Oddish Bold/Modest Clorophyll/Stench Nest Giga drain
Onyx Impish Sturdy Timer Stealth rock
Oshawott Adamant Torrent Pokeball -
Pichu Timid Lightningrod Luxury HP ICE (30def)
Piplup Modest Torrent/Defiant Pokeball -
Poliwag Bold Swift swim Dive -
Ponyta Jolly Flash fire Fast Morning sun
Porygon Bold/Modest Trace/Download Pokeball -
Ralts Timid/Adamant All aavailable Premier Shadow sneak
Roselia Calm Poison Point/Natural Cure Luxury Giga drain, Spikes
Rotom Bold/Calm Levitate Pokeball -
Sableye Impish Prankster Dusk Recover, Zen headbutt
Scraggy Jolly Non HA Repeat Drain and Ice punch, Dragon Dance, Zen Headbutt
Scyther Adamant Technician Net Endure, Defog, Night Slash
Shellder Adamant Skill link Net Rock Blast
Shelmet Timid Hydration Net Spikes
Slowpoke Bold/Sassy Regenerator Heal 0 or 31 speed
Shroomish Adamant Quick Feet Nest -
Smeargle - Technician Pokeball -
Sneasel Jolly Keen eye Luxury Fake Out, Ice Punch, Pursuit
Snorunt Timid Moody Dive Spikes, Rollout
Spritzee Calm Aroma veil Heal Wish. 0 speed
Squirtle Modest Torrent Dive Aura Sphere
Starly Jolly Keen Eye Luxury -
Staryu Timid Natural Cure Pokeball -
Shuppet Adamant Cursed body Luxury Destiny bond, Phantom force
Swirlix Adamant Unburden Heal Belly Drum
Taillow Jolly Guts Luxury Brave bird, Whirlwind
Tentacool Calm Liquid ooze/Clear body Dive Rapid spin
Totodile Adamant Torrent Pokeball Dragon Dance, Ice Punch
Tynamo Modest Levitate Pokeball -
Venipede Impish Speed Boost Luxury Baton Pass
Vullaby Bold Overcoat Dusk Foul play, Mean Look, Knock off
Vulpix Modest Drought Luxury -
Whismur Modest Rattled


Zorua Timid Illusion Luxury -
Zubat Jolly Infiltrator Luxury Defog, Hypnosis, Brave bird, Zen Headbutt